WINNER of best Eco and Sustainable Product for 2021

Posted by Sebrina Greenway on

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve won our first award – the Made For Mums Editor’s Choice Award.

It’s a great achievement, and we’re really happy the judges and reviewers also agreed that the ManiMe chair “encourages independence”. The judges also commented that it’s a piece that will last a family for years to come, which further highlights the eco-friendly factor of the ManiMe.

Made from a sustainable bamboo material, the ManiMe brand strives to create products that provide a sustainable option for parents who believe in a greener future. Not only that, but the ManiMe will last for years – growing with your child or children.

Made for Mums tester, Rachel, said: “I think that ManiMe is a lovely product, it looks lovely in my son’s bedroom and I love that it encourages his independence.

It’s especially good for a school starter, to promote getting themselves dressed in the mornings. I love that I can organise with my son the night before, choosing what he will be wearing together.”

We’re so glad Rachel found the ManiMe to be a practical piece – allowing her son to prepare for school the following day. Practical and stylish, there is a chair to suit every child, view our full collection of products here.


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