Looking after our future for generations to come

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At ManiMe Kids, we understand the importance of long-lasting products that will serve generations to come. And with climate change evolving and becoming an ever more present issue, it’s important for everyone to do their bit to contribute towards a more sustainable future – part of which is ensuring the products you buy are made to last without having a lasting impact on the environment.

 Made to last

We know that a lot of consumers consider the impact products have on the environment before making their purchasing decisions. This means not only buying products that have been created with sustainable materials, but also products that have been made to last.

That is why the ManiMe range has been created with a high-quality sustainable bamboo material. Created to last for years, if not generations, the ManiMe chair has been designed to grow with your children as they develop their independence. The height chart too, allows parents to track their child’s growth, and the accompanying mirror offers children the chance to see their own progress.

Looking after our planet

Along with being a long lasting, hard wearing product, the ManiMe strives to be an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious parents.

ManiMe is a proud supporter of Climate-wise that provides meaningful change by offsetting our carbon footprint and improving the lives of those in the poorest communities.

Beautifully crafted from sustainable Bamboo from conception to creation, the ManiMe range are a sustainable furniture option for your child’s bedroom or nursery.


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