Looking after our future for generations to come

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At ManiMe Kids, we understand the importance of long-lasting products that will serve generations to come. And with climate change evolving and becoming an ever more present issue, it’s important for everyone to do their bit to contribute towards a more sustainable future – part of which is ensuring the products you buy are made to last without having a lasting impact on the environment.

 Made to last

We know that a lot of consumers consider the impact products have on the environment before making their purchasing decisions. This means not only buying products that have been created with sustainable materials, but also products that have been made to last.

That is why the ManiMe range has been created with a high-quality sustainable bamboo material. Created to last for years, if not generations, the ManiMe chair has been designed to grow with your children as they develop their independence. The height chart too, allows parents to track their child’s growth, and the accompanying mirror offers children the chance to see their own progress.

Looking after our planet

Along with being a long lasting, hard wearing product, the ManiMe strives to be an eco-friendly option for environmentally conscious parents.

ManiMe is a proud supporter of Climate-wise that provides meaningful change by offsetting our carbon footprint and improving the lives of those in the poorest communities.

Beautifully crafted from sustainable Bamboo from conception to creation, the ManiMe range are a sustainable furniture option for your child’s bedroom or nursery.


To view our full collection of products please visit: https://www.manime-kids.com/collections

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‘Mumtrepreneur’ launches sustainable range of children’s furniture

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Inspired by observation, mum of two Sebrina Greenway created the ManiMe brand for her children to help them organise their clothes and encourage independent dressing.

But seeing how well they responded to the prototype they affectionally called the “Nanny Me”, she turned the product into ManiMe – a stunning collection of valet chairs for children.

Born in the UK, Sebrina’s background is in finance. Juggling a family, her career and a start-up, she has built the ManiMe brand from a small idea she had with her family into a full range of products.

Sebrina’s first product was the ManiMe valet chair, available in two sizes with four different animal themed designs – a monkey, tiger, bear and panda. These beautiful valet chairs have a three-tier hanging system with the scale and dimensions of children’s hangers and features for all the extras. Following the launch of the chair, Sebrina added an accompanying mirror to the collection – in the same sustainable bamboo material it matches perfectly with the existing chairs. In 2020, Sebrina launched the ManiMe height chart which comes in the shape of an oversized ruler and allows children to measure themselves, observing how they grow and becomes the ultimate keepsake.

Sebrina Greenway, founder of ManiMe, said: “I am incredibly proud of the range of ManiMe products. As I mother, I understand first-hand how useful it is to have products that can make your everyday easier.

“Beautifully crafted from sustainable bamboo, the ManiMe products quite simply add style and functionality to any space.  Available in a range of designs to suit every child it’s a great way to encourage their independence not only empowering our children but also supporting our environment.”

In 2021 Sebrina won a Made For Mums Editor’s Choice Award for the ManiMe valet chair, the judges said: “I think that ManiMe is a lovely product, it looks lovely in my son’s bedroom and I love that it encourages his independence.

“It’s especially good for a school starter, to promote getting themselves dressed in the mornings. I love that I can organise with my son the night before, choosing what he will be wearing together.”

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ManiMe launches in the UK

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According to a recent survey, parents spend around 10 hours a week trying to get children ready and out the door in the mornings.

 To help alleviate this stress, a busy working mother of two created ManiMe - a fun and interactive range of bamboo children’s chairs designed to encourage independent dressing.

 Product creator Sebrina Greenway sought to find a way of making her family’s mornings more organised and more fun while encouraging her children to have the independence that they craved.

 Acting as a valet chair for children, the ManiMe became integral in how founder Sebrina would organise her family’s day ahead. The chair enables children to choose and set out their school uniform, PE kit, sportswear or play clothes the evening prior.

 Seeing the success of the ManiMe first hand in her own home inspired Sebrina to create a range of ManiMe chairs so that other families could share in the experience.

 Each model has been carefully designed with the scale and dimensions required to encourage a child to prepare all the items they’ll need for the day ahead. The ManiMe allows for supervised children to hang items directly from their wardrobe onto the valet chair with a three-tier hanging system and allocated spaces for socks, undergarments and shoes.

 The valet chairs are available in two sizes, each with four choices of design, a Monkey, Panda, Bear and Tiger. The ManiMe Cub is a smaller, simpler design aimed at nursery and younger primary aged children. For those aged six years and above, the ManiMe Graduate is slightly larger and incorporates a hanging rail for trousers, skirts, shorts or skorts.

 As children learn through observation, trial and error, and by emulating their parents and caregivers, a coordinated mirror was designed to complement the range. Combining functionality and practicality the mirror is intended to be wall hung inches above the ManiMe creating a stylish and designated space. As the children straighten their shirt and tie and style their hair, it’s the ultimate “check me out” experience.  

 Founder and creator Sebrina Greenway said: “ManiMe was created to help my own children develop their independence and organisational skills as well as helping chaotic mornings to run smoothly.

 “As a brand, we strive to empower children and support busy households and are passionate about the positive impact that ManiMe can have on families. Supporting our environment is incredibly important to us and all of our products are crafted from sustainable bamboo.

 “We hope that families enjoy using their ManiMe as much as we have and that the valet chairs help children to take some of their first steps to independence while having fun!”

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